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Fall Studies
Our 10:15 a.m. intergenerational Sunday School class is continuing its Narnia series with, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" (led by Chris Hensley).
Our Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. adults class is studying Isaiah (led by Pastor David).
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

Bakers and Hosts Needed for Election Day Bake Sale
Can you provide some homemade treats for our November 5 Election Day Bake Sale?
Small loaves, muffins, brownies, cookies, individually-sized pies, etc. are needed.
Call 440-748-2230 or contact Polly Tallos for more information or to help.

Monthly Concert Series Is Back!
Sunday, November 3, 3 p.m. - Our singer/songwriters are back! This month, we'll feature Ken Moody-Arndt and Bob Sammon.
Sunday, December 1, 5 p.m. - Christmas Tree lighting and carol singing
Sunday, February 2, 3 p.m. - Acoustic music in the round (Watch this space for more info.)
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

"Can the Cruiser" Is Back at IGA
Saturday, October 12, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Join Teddy Trooper and the State Highway Patrol at Schild’s IGA on for the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive, collecting non-perishable food items to benefit several local food banks, including NECC's.
If you can volunteer to help at the store that day, or help transport some of the collected items back to NECC at the close of the event, please contact Barb Galvin.
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

177th Anniversary Wiener Roast and Campfire Sing
Sunday, October 13, 5 p.m.
Bring friends and family for an old-fashioned Hot Dog Roast & Sing-A-Long (and S'Mores!) around the campfire.
NECC's Trustees will provide the hot dogs and buns; those attending are asked to bring a dish to share.
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

October Trick-or-Treat Bags Need Sweets
Before mid-October, we'll need as much individually-wrapped candy and chocolates as we can gather.
We'll make up Trick-or-Treat bags for two events for our local Midview and Columbia Schools systems.
Candy may be dropped off anytime in the box in the Fellowship Hall.
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

Monthly Free Community Meal
Tuesday, October 22, 5:30 p.m. (and every 4th Tuesday of each month)
Come to dine; come to help--but join us!
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

Towels Needed for Camp Christian's Free Store
Please bring in new or gently-used bath, kitchen, and hand towels by Sunday, October 27 for our Chi Rho kids' rally at Camp Christian this Fall.
The Free Store is open at Camp Christian for all in need.
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

November Laundry Love Needs Your Support
We're again asking you to donate quarters, laundry soap, softener sheets, etc. for another Laundry Love day.
This event will take placed in Grafton in November (location and date TBA).
Call 440-748-2230 or contact Polly Tallos for more information or to help.

Tuesday Exercise Group
Every Tuesday, 10:30 a.m.
Enjoy low-impact exercise in a fun group.
Call 440-748-2230 or contact Laura Kuhn for more information.

Saturday Walking Group
Every Saturday, 11 a.m.
Call 440-748-2230 or contact Laura Kuhn for more information.

Monthly Birthday Parties are Happening at NECC
We're celebrating birthdays the last Sunday of each month with a 10 a.m. fellowship time.
Join us for refreshments and to help others (and you?) celebrate their birthday!
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

Food pantry Needs
NECC's Food Pantry could use cereal, canned vegetables, peanut butter, jellies, mac-n-cheese, pastas and sauces, and canned tuna and chicken.
Thank you!
Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

Settled Pastor Called / Officers Elected
Rev. David T. Chafin, who has served as our Interim Pastor for the past 22 months, was presented to the Council and congregation of North Eaton Christian Church by the Pastoral Search Committee, and was affirmed by the vote of those present on Sept. 1 to be named as settled pastor of the congregation, effective Oct. 1, 2019. In the same Congregational Meeting, Sept. 1, new and returning Elders, Diaconate, and officers of the church were elected. The Church Council will elect their Chair and Vice-Chair at the next meeting.
At that same meeting, the following lay leadership was elected:
Treasurer - Mark Carpenter
Asst. Treasurer - Laura Kuhn
Financial Secretary - Carol Wilson
Clerk - Sally Botson
Elders - Kim Bowen and Diana Tyler
Trustee - Jim Galvin
Diaconate - Angie Carter, Ed Carter, Laura Kuhn, Randy Kuhn, Vicky Spitzer, and Darrell Willford.

Prayer Chain Available to All
Below are the guidelines for requesting, or being part of, the Prayer Chain:

  • The Prayer Chain can be initiated only by direct request by--or with permission from--the person being prayed for (or by permission of the subject's immediate family member).
  • Prayer Chain requests MUST be initiated through the church office; the pastor or church secretary will then start the phone and email chain.
  • Social media postings are NOT considered official requests; those desiring prayer MUST contact the pastor or the church office directly by phone call, text, email, or personal visit.
  • Those passing along information to others in the Prayer Chain are reminded to share ONLY the information permitted by the requester. Keep the messages brief and factual (no speculating or adding unauthorized information or opinions).
  • Please keep Prayer Chain information confidential. Do NOT share information through Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, or other social media. It is the subject's and their family's privilege and right to share details, the method through which details will be shared, and the timing of such sharing. Do NOT overstep "on their behalf", even if you believe your intentions to be noble.
  • Please pray for the subject mentioned, the person's family, responders, the care team, and all involved.
    To be added to the Prayer Chain as a message recipient/prayer partner, please email Diana Tyler or the church office with that request.
    Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

    Need Prayer or Have "Breaking" News for the Church or Pastor?
    We ask that you do not rely on posting such items on our Facebook page/s. FB's algorithms do not always allow us to see everyone's posts, nor is there a guarantee that if they *do* appear on our wall, that we'll see them in the most timely fashion.
    The BEST way to be sure we get your important news and requests in quick order is to CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE (440-748-2230 or neaton175@outlook.com).
    The Pastor should *always* be the first contact for matters of pastoral care, including requests for our Prayer Chain (see next item below).
    Please help us be more responsive to your needs by following these guidelines.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Combined (Capital AND General Fund) Campaign Information
    On October 30, 2016, we kicked off a COMBINED fundraising campaign, with a three-year pledge for the roof (etc.) renovation project, and a separate one-year pledge for our usual General Fund expenses (i.e., ministry needs, building maintenance and cleaning, program supplies, salaries, etc.).
    CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: The original estimate of $750,000 for ALL of the work needed at the church (roof reconstruction, parking lot replacement, kitchen renovation, and interior painting) was not something the congregation felt could be handled at this time. Our scaled-down emphasis now includes our most-needed upgrade (the roof) as well as the kitchen (due to building code mandates due to the new roof line changing the stove venting). Roof renovation will include relocating the HVAC units, replacing the HVAC units in the fellowship hall, installing a new metal roof over the entire church which will add a small space to the north hallway to make the roof drainage better, and enclosing the memorial garden roof (with no interior changes to the memorial garden). The roof costs are estimated at $422,000 and the kitchen renovation (including cabinets and fire suppression system) will add $40,000 to the project total.
    The plan to pay for this new cost estimate of $462,000 includes $75,000 on hand from the General Fund, $40,000 in hand from the Building Fund, $14,000 in hand from the Kitchen Fund, $4,000 from 2016 Fair proceeds, $300,000 Disciples Church Extension Fund loan (based on $150,000 in Capital Campaign pledges needed; the DCEF loan can be ONLY UP TO 2x those pledges received), and $29,000 in other church-wide and individual fundraising (i.e., music video, concerts, art projects, dinners, etc.). If pledges fall short, we'd need to increase the amount needed in that "additional" fundraising category; if pledges EXCEED $150,000, we may be able to include the parking lot renovation. Additional interior work (i.e., a revitalizing of the memorial garden) might then be considered, following additional congregational input about that space's usage and furnishings.
    If you have questions, please speak with a member of your Capital Campaign Committee: Jeff Hensley (Chair), Melissa Folk, Stu Hicks, Glen Swartz, Glen Thompson, and Diana Tyler.
    Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

    Knitters and Crocheters Needed
    Can you help with our Prayer Shawl ministry?
    Yarn is available in the church office.
    Call Sharon Mullins or 440-748-2230 for more information.

    NECC Benefits from Your Internet Searches and Shopping!
    Shop online at SmileAmazon.com to help NECC's roof campaign. Simply visit the site, enter your email address, select NECC as your preferred charity, and start shopping. Once you've signed up, you need only enter through the SmileAmazon.com portal and sign in, and the proceeds for NECC from your shopping will be automatically applied.
    Please use www.GoodSearch.com for your internet searches, and designate NECC as your preferred charity. We'll get 1 cent per search!
    A similar program exists at www.GoodShop.com; NECC will be given a percentage of your online shopping purchase total.
    (TIP: Download the toolbar at either website and designate NECC as your preferred charity and you won't have to re-type it with each search or shopping session!)
    Contact Sally Botson or Diana Tyler if you'd like more information.

    Camp--General Information
    The following applies to all Camp/Conference weeks occurring at Camp Christian:
    A scholarship of 50% of the Early Bird rate is available to all campers.
    Completed registration forms and payment are due in to the NECC office TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the start of your selected camp.
    Each camper must complete the medical form provided with each registration.
    Early Bird Registration (week-long camps only; received by May 1)
    Regular Registration (week-long camps only; received after May 1)
    Late/On-Site Registration (week-long camps only; received later than 10 days prior to camp start)
    Registration forms are posted on our main bulletin board, or you may print your own or register online at www.ccinoh.org/camp/applications.aspx.
    Registration includes program costs, lodging and meals while at Camp. Campers may want to bring money for fast-food meals on the way to & from Camp (optional).
    What to Bring to Camp: Bible, bedding, modest clothing (clothing that hides front and back cleavage, underwear, and mid-sections), modest swimwear and swimsuit cover, musical instrument or talent show props, offering money, and a small amount of snack money for the week (optional).
    What to Leave Home: Electronic devices (personal music devices allowed only at bedtime and must be used with earplugs), drugs, alcohol, guns, knives or other weapons, inappropriate language and attitudes, etc.
    Call 440-748-2230 for more information.

    2019 Camp/Conference/Retreat Dates (All events take place at Camp Christian--10299 Maple Dell Rd., Marysville, OH--unless otherwise indicated.)
    Disciples Fellowship Camp (Spring; all ages): Friday-Sunday (Memorial Day weekend), May 24-26
    Grandparent-and-Me Camp (Completed gr. 1-2, with a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.): June 7 & 8
    Adult Conference (at Northwest Christian Church, Columbus; lodging additional): June 17-21
    Junior Camp: June 16-22 (Otter; Gr. 3-5), July 3-6 (Ribbit; Gr. 2-4)
    Chi Rho Camps (gr. 6-8): June 9-15 (Emmaus), July 14-20 (Corinth) and July 21-27 (Damascus)
    CYF Conferences (gr. 9-12): June 23-29 (#1), July 7-13 (#2), and July 21-27 (#3)
    Advance Ministries Conference (post-high school-age 29): July 28-August 4 (part-time attendance rates available)
    Disciples Fellowship Camp (Fall; all ages): Friday-Sunday (Labor Day weekend), August 30-September 1

    Write to our campers at: Camp Christian, 10335 Maple Dell Rd., Marysville, OH 43040.

  • Adult Health Clinic: Free adult health clinic the second Tuesday of each month, for ages 55+. Diabetes screening, foot checks, blood and urine tests, immunizations, vision and hearing screenings, etc. Appointment needed; contact the Lorain County Health Department (440-322-6367).
  • Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. (Chapter #26, Greater Cleveland Area): The following items are needed for care packages for our troops (shipped semi-monthly)--cold drink mixes, ground coffee and tea, creamer and sugar packets, power bars, cereal bars, granola, healthy snacks, cookies, crackers, chips, cheese/cracker kits, PB&J (in small, plastic jars), sewing kits, sunscreen, insect repellent, lip balm w/sunscreen (Carmex or Blistex), body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes (no paste), deodorant, tampons, athlete's foot powder/cream, shoe pads/deodorant inserts, blister pads, hand sanitizer, non-aerosol shaving cream, good razors, calf-high socks or boot socks (black or white only), new or used games for game systems, new or used cds and DVDs, books, and magazines (no politically-charged or negative-focus publications or articles, please). We're also collecting art supplies (see the September, 2017 "Voice" for a list). To submit the name of a soldier who could use one of these care packages, please contact Sally Botson, sallysb52ATyahoo.com.
  • Cancelled Stamps: Marlene Black is spearheading the collection of cancelled stamps for veterans' programs and Habitat for Humanity. Simply cut the cancelled stamps off the envelopes you receive in the mail (please and 1/4" inch around the stamp) and deposit them into the designated box at the church.
  • Cans for Charity: Please leave bagged aluminum beverage cans in the wire bin at the Southeast corner of the parking lot.
  • Cleveland Christian Home: Sports magazines and other quality reading materials of interest to developing boys and young men; also Campbell's Labels for Education UPC codes and labels (Campbell's, Franco-American, Prego, Swanson, and V-8) and General Mills Box Tops for Education. The Home also needs help paying off a $3 MILLION debt ASAP, stemming from the purchase of its facilities from the National Benevolent Association--any and all donations are needed. Send your tax-deductible gifts to 2202 Prame Ave., Cleveland, OH 44109. In addition, the Home's annual Christmas Wish List can be found on the table each Fall in our narthex. Shop for items on that list, make an online donation www.cchome.org, sponsor a child by buying all the items on that child's personal wish list (approximately $200), ask for a list of larger items needed for families/programs, and/or volunteer to shop, wrap gifts, receive donations, or inventory donations. This program will end July, 2017.
  • Cornerstone Among Women: Pocket change may be placed in the baby bottle on display in the fellowship hall.
  • Fourth Tuesday Community Meal: Free meal, served 5:30-6:30 p.m. Sign-up sheets are in Fellowship Hall each month. Can you help provide some of the menu items, help set up, serve, or clean up? Whether you can help or not, DO come and eat with us--this monthly meal is for EVERYONE!
  • Lorain County Fair Food Booth: Annual proceeds benefit MANY outreach and education ministries, such as Church camp, Scouts camps, special speakers and programs, bible distribution, Pathways Counseling & Growth Center...and more!
  • Love, Inc. (Love, In the Name of Christ): "Clothe a Kid" back-to-school collection (late summer project) and winter coats collection (Fall).
  • NECC Food Pantry: Non-perishable grocery items (and monetary gifts to purchase bulk quantities of fresh groceries) for those in need within the NECC family. June's focus is cereal, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, canned fruits, juices, paper products, and snacks for children.
  • Operation Christmas Child (aka "Shoebox Ministry"), of Samaritan's Purse: Fill a shoebox with small gifts for children ages 2-14. Suggested items include: school supplies, coloring books, toys, hygiene items, clothing, and hard candy. Also, monetary donations are needed to help mail our 100 boxes (goal), approximately $7/box. Fill boxes and gift-wrap them in a way that the lid can be opened. Deadline is the second Sunday in November.
  • Paper Recycling: Office paper, envelopes, junk mail, etc. may be deposited into the green and yellow ABITIBI container at the Southeast corner of the parking lot. (No cardboard or phone books, please.) Proceeds help fund the mission and ministry of NECC.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry: Knitted or crocheted prayer shawls are given to shut-ins, those hospitalized, and those marking a special celebration (marriage, new baby, etc.). This is a do-it-yourself project, with yarn available from Judy Ponting's former office. Yarn donations are always appreciated. Contact Sharon Mullins or Paula Krasnevich for more information.
  • Salvation Army: August's focus is sample-sized toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.).
  • USO (United Service Organizations, for military service personnel): Pens, stationery, lip balm, mouthwash, eye drops, cough drops, dental floss, batteries, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dried fruit snacks, beef jerky, peanuts, trail mix, tea bags, drink mixes, individually-wrapped hard candy, and disposable cameras. DEADLINE IS MAY 1 SO PACKAGES ARRIVE TO TROOPS BY MEMORIAL DAY. Contact Laura Kuhn if you have questions.
  • Week of Compassion: Monetary donations and hygiene- and baby-kits (www.churchworldservice.org) for disaster relief across the United States and around the world. A special offering is highlighted each February, but donations are needed year-round. For every $1 donated to Week of Compassion, 50 cents goes to emergency response. 25 cents goes to sustainable development, eight cents goes to refugee and immigrant ministries, eight to ten cents goes to volunteer work grants, ecumenical partners, and mission statements, and six to eight cents goes to administrative costs.

  • Call 440-748-2230 for more information about any of the above collections, organizations, events, or activities.